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Budgetary and municipal institution websites must not only meet the set requirements, but must be modern, clear to visitors and be convenient for the staff who manage them.

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Website development

Websites that visitors like and the staff values, websites that meet the requirements of the municipalities and the recommendations of the ISDC. We will work…

Website automation

Development of data processing modules, adaptation of maps, automatic informing of visitors and other solutions that make the work of staff more efficient and provide…

We will create more than another dull website.

We are a team, a group of companies and partners with the necessary knowledge, competence, and clear direction – a revolution in the online presentation of budgetary institutions.

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Website development Website administration


Low volume and traffic website, rarely updated but important for the region.
up to 1400EUR
  • Modern
  • Easily managed
  • Option of newsletter
  • Content posting on social networks
  • No additional obligations


For exceptional technical and / or unique design needs.
up to 3400EUR
  • Automation solutions
  • Modern
  • Photography services
  • Data processing modules
  • All the benefits from the packages on the left

Website maintenance

We will maintain the content of the website and perform regular technical support (if possible).
40 EUR/ month
  • 4 hours for failures, 8 hours for content
  • Response time - 4 hours
  • A specialist is always available
  • Fresh ideas and tips
  • New and modern website
  • Staff training

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